10 January 2011

Stitched Collage

(AS coursework project: The Environment)  Collage work scanned into Photoshop and edited, then stitched into, adding several colours of thread, buttons, net and homemade ‘Angelina Fibre’.


Pencil and Ballpoint Pen

Inspired by lyrics of songs, which have an interesting hidden meaning behind them.


Wassily Kandinsky's work was inspired by the concept that art can be influenced by music. The theoretical ideas behind the music have influenced the themes and appearance of the artwork.

9 January 2011

A-Level Final Design

'Icons', an Installation (Conceptual Drawing)

An installation to represent the corner of a room: wallpaper composed from photos of London, pieces hung on the wall in ornate frames, everyday objects collaged or painted on with acrylic (including a lamp that has iconic images painted on it’s base and a shade made from images on acitate).

Wall Of Records

A series of artwork using vinyls, which were then mounted onto floral wallpaper.

Inspired by Daniel Elden, who paints portraits of musicians and entertainers onto vinyl records. 

Iconic images painted onto the sleeves
of the accompanying records.

Acitate was used to compose portraits of the 
chosen icons onto the records.

8 January 2011

Urban Liverpool

Acrylic and Acitate Sheets (collaged)

The impressive architectural features of The Liver Building made it the first large scale building of its kind and it is now one of the most well-known structures in Liverpool.

Large scale canvas from the coursework project entitled ‘The Environment’.
Previously completed work was printed onto acitate and then collaged around The Liver Building. 
Collaging technique inspired by Rauschenberg.

Stephanie Hunter

Stephanie Hunter utilises the unusual medium of mannequins and collages other artist’s paintings onto them. Hunter’s work inspired me to create mannequin pieces of my own.

Monopoly Mannequin Head

Constructed using an oval canvas, a template mask and mod rock.

Nail varnish was used on the lips to achieve a glossy shine and fake eye lashes were glued above the eyes.

Notes of monopoly money were used to collage the head and canvas.
I glued ‘hotels and houses’ from the game on the top of the head.

Juan Casas

Juan Casas is an artist who has proven that ballpoint pen can be used to produce respectable works of art. Inspired by Casas, I have produced some ball pen images of Ian Curtis and Kate Bush.

I selected these musicians because they both have an undoubtedly unique style and have established themselves as revolutionary music icons.

The Last Sitting

Influenced by ‘The Last Sitting’ (photos of Marilyn Monroe), I recreated several poses with my model. I have created a similar background, as well as relating lighting techniques to the original image. From left to right, you can see the image used as inspiration, my original photo and the final edited image.

These images developed from the central iconic photograph. I added newspaper clippings associated with the life events of Marilyn Monroe to contextualise the final photograph. My original photo can be seen along with the edited images.

Life Drawing 2

Quink ink, White Acrylic and Ballpoint Pen

Life Drawing (Woman Kneeling)

Quink ink, White Acrylic and Ballpoint Pen